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Technology Solutions

Advanced Depositions Web Repository

Your 24/7 online virtual office.

Advanced Depositions Web Repository is a 24-hour, 365-days-a-year, worldwide virtual office making information interactions more efficient, while reducing costs and helping you be more responsive to your own clients. Like having our staff right down the hall, Advanced Depositions Web Repository allows you to quickly access transcripts, make requests and get answers whenever you need them, wherever you are, helping you make decisions quicker, respond to client requests faster and get to work sooner. Advanced Depositions Web Repository provides access to job calendar, case repository, billing info, transcript repository and smart online order forms.

Trial Support & Technology

Our experienced team can handle all of your trial preparation, technology, visual presentation, and on-site support needs.

Our in-house trial support and technology company, Advanced Trial Technologies, employs a consultative approach with our clients, ensuring that they always receive the most effective and useful technology, visuals, and support, within a cost-efficient budget. Whether we are creating persuasive demonstratives or powerful video, or providing flawless on-site support, we become a valuable member of the team and utilize our experience and expertise to help our clients win their cases.

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Advanced Depositions Box Depository

Box cloud base depository from Advanced Depositions

Advanced Depositions BOX for construction defect case enables law firms, insurance carriers and experts to securely access content, review, download document files on any device from a free cloud based depository.

  • No software required, minimal training
  • No Setup or monthly charges, up and running in minutes
  • Instant notification with links to new files when new content is added to the depository
  • View documents, graphics, pictures, videos in native formats on any device
  • Share content with experts or adjusters at no additional charge
  • Review files without downloading
  • Documents are stored and viewed in native file formats
  • No file size limitations, enterprise grade security
  • Powerful search and intuitive file structure make it easy to find information deposited by any party to the case

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Advanced Mobile App

Our mobile app connects you instantly with your Advanced Connect online repository.

Your Advanced Depositions’ mobile app links your team’s Smartphones and iPads to your online document repository via Advanced Connect. With one secure sign-in
you can:

  • Browse your entire case file repository
  • Access and search through available transcripts in the exclusive repository area using search criteria, such as case, witness or job date
  • Mark transcripts as reviewed, so all team members can see when new ones have been uploaded and track when they reviewed others
  • Look up detailed job information, including maps and directions
  • Review invoices and statements complete with payment history and current outstanding amounts
  • Edit documents

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