Catherine Kane

Sr. VP Northeast Region

Catherine Kane has earned the reputation as a seasoned leader in the legal space. Over more than three decades, she has garnered extensive hands-on expertise in the industry with a major emphasis on detail and superior customer service. She has effectively managed multiple litigation projects concurrently, utilizing comprehensive project management skills in both the Discovery and Trial phases of litigation. Currently, she serves as the Senior Vice President Northeast Region at Advanced Depositions and Advanced Trial Technologies.

Having worked with various esteemed national and international law firms, Cathy is well-versed in assisting clients with their cases by helping them effectively tell their story to the jury, cohesively explaining the case information, and graphically piecing it all together. In addition, she is adept in logistics, planning, and strategic implementation of discovery and trial services. Cathy also has an extensive background and expertise in answering industry-related RFPs and has a vast knowledge base in working with all types of audio transcription, including Federal, State, and Appellate.

Cathy holds various designations, including an AOC Certified Transcriptionist and a Certified Thomson Reuters LiveNote Trainer. She is also an Agency Manager for the State of New Jersey and an NCRA Realtime System Administrator.