Court Reporting Services

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Court Reporting Services

Court Reporting Services

Advanced Depositions is honored to work with many of the nation’s finest Court Reporters.

Our national team of Court Reporters is comprised of proven professionals whose skill and experience help you execute successful depositions and create accurate records. We pride ourselves on the quality of the people who work with us. They bring a broad range of experience on every specific type of litigation. Their knowledge, standing in their legal communities, and high standards of professionalism, all distinguish them as exceptional resources for our clients, no matter how specialized the case or the type of law. Our Court Reporters’ skills are complemented by our industry-leading technologies and our national infrastructure of technical expertise.

Real-time Reporting

Advanced Depositions’ real-time transcriptions can be reviewed live the moment you need them.

Today’s courtrooms are equipped with computerized multi-media electronics, making your transcript a tool for collaborative real-time review. With Advanced Depositions’ real-time reporting, your Reporters’ stenographic notes are converted instantly into digitized English, instantly ready to access, search, review or mark, excerpt and insert into other documents either in collaboration or by individual users, all without disrupting the proceedings. The fastest, most accurate reporters using our best-of-breed technology give our clients an edge with digitized instant transcripts and final transcriptions at the close of the proceeding.

National Coverage

Advanced Depositions’ concierge-quality support extends coast-to-coast.

Advanced Depositions provides services for law firms all over the United States. The elegant, functional conference rooms and deposition suites in our Irvine, CA, headquarters come equipped with our best-in-class technologies for turnkey videography, real time synchronized transcription, and all the wireless bandwidth you require for streamed connectivity with your colleagues around the country. Every connection is HIPAA- and PII-secure, to meet your requirements for the most sensitive confidentiality standards. We uphold that higher standard of quality for every facility we create across the country: keeping your personal well-being in mind, we create spaces where you and your clients can feel comfortable, productive, and professional. No matter where we work, our goal is to make things easy for you: your on-site Advanced Depositions staff and technicians will uphold our impeccable standards for set-up, administrative services, technology management and even catering services. More Informaion

Comprehensive Case Management

No matter how complex your multi-district, multi-party case becomes, Advanced Depositions is there for you.

Many complex 21st century cases are litigated rapidly over multiple locations, requiring expert support for flawless movement and management of information, logistics, and coordination. Advanced Depositions has the reach and technical expertise to support you in multi-district/multi-party cases, managing and tracking simultaneous depositions and proceedings nationally and even worldwide. We give you email or phone call convenience for rapid changes or logistical updates to keep your case management running as you need it to. Advanced Depositions supports you with rapid, reliable communications and messaging among all your interests and team members, and our concierge-quality support services for your administrative and personal needs can help you save time and focus on your clients’ needs.

Interpretation & Translation Services

Advanced Depositions can deliver top-quality synchronous or asynchronous translators in any language.

Many of today’s legal actions involve not only complex technical or scientific terminology, but more than one language, with testimony delivered rapidly. The art of simultaneous (i.e., synchronous) translation requires the absolute best among interpreters—command of multiple languages, an ear for nuance, analytical and intuitive skills, and of course excellence in capturing the transcript. Only the best interpreters earn certification for criminal and civil proceedings in courts of law. The training and testing are rigorous, and those who achieve certification are in great demand. Advanced Depositions seeks only this top level talent for our roster of certified and experienced interpreters for real time or asynchronous translation.

Transcription Services

Advanced Deposition offers an unequalled range of service options for fast, accurate transcriptions.

Advanced Depositions offers you the most comprehensive range of transcription options in our field. Our expert legal transcriptionists can convert nearly any form of recorded speech—audio, video, digital recordings of any interviews or proceedings—into hard copy or e-text with speed and accuracy. Rough transcripts, special-purpose transcripts… just let us know what you require.

Exhibit Linking

A digital transcript from Advanced Depositions can be hyperlinked to every exhibit of evidence referenced in the deposition.

A hyperlinked deposition is always an invaluable time-saving advantage. With your permission, Advanced Depositions tasks your Court Reporter to take custody of the exhibits mentioned in deposition, and to deliver them to our Operations Team for scanning, cataloguing, and uploading to your secure exhibit repository for ready access and searching. Every hyperlink in the deposition transcript will take you directly to the exhibit under discussion. The result is as an essential rapid reference on your computer.

Same Day Rough Transcripts

Every moment of your case is important to us. We save you time with same-day rough transcripts of your depositions.

Of course, Advanced Depositions handles traditional services with the same high standards we bring to our innovative ones. Advanced Depositions delivers you the option of same-day rough transcripts of your depositions in ASCII, for immediate use, because every step you take is time-critical, and we know you need all your resources as quickly as you can get them. 

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