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Corporate Solutions


Value, Sustainability, Technology-Driven, Cost-Savings

For over 30 years, corporate legal departments have trusted their litigation to Advanced Depositions and Advanced Trial Technologies.   As your strategic partner, Advanced Depositions and Advanced Trial Technologies provides a “One Stop” solution, starting at the early stages of discovery and ending with a favorable outcome in trial.

As corporations are faced with the challenge of keeping litigation costs down, Advanced Depositions provides many efficiencies and cost savings throughout the lifecycle of the corporation’s litigation.   Implementing standing orders and utilizing the latest litigation technologies, corporate legal departments and their outside counsel can collaborate cost-effectively and seamlessly.

At Advanced Depositions and Advanced Trial Technologies, we provide the tools for corporate legal departments to buy better, buy smarter, and at the same time, manage to save without jeopardizing quality.   With over 100+ combined years of experience working with corporate legal departments, Advanced Depositions and Advanced Trial Technologies provides faster and better solutions creating value throughout the entire litigation process.

Benefits of the Advanced Depositions Corporate Program:

Global Coverage –   No matter where your litigation takes you, Advanced provides all services – anywhere.

Meeting Corporate Sustainability Objectives –   Advanced is committed to providing paperless transcripts and advanced internet technology to help corporations meet their green initiatives.

Flexible Invoicing Programs – Advanced billings can be integrated into different corporate billing platforms for easy access to invoices, payments and statements.

Dedicated Case Managers – One contact to oversee all details and serves as the liaison – saving both time and cost throughout the entire litigation process.

Value Added Services – 24/7 Web Repository, Case Depositories, Mobile Access, convenient web streaming – providing corporate legal teams access to data from any device and from anywhere.

Data Compliance – Keeping your data safe is important to us.   We go to great lengths to ensure that all data is encrypted and meets the criteria outlined by the Sarbanes Oxley Act and is HIPPA compliant.

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