Connect across the globe via Advanced Live.


Live Deposition

With streaming video technology, taking a deposition anywhere in the world is as easy as opening an email!

Advanced Live, powered by LiveDeposition, a leading provider of local and  web-based remote streaming and video conferencing technology, allows you to stream real-time video depositions with a click of a mouse. Even if the deposition is taken traditionally, the technology allows for other interested parties, such as clients, experts and associates, to attend remotely, easily and cost effectively.

Benefits of using Advanced Live:

Increased Efficiency:  Advanced Live is a 100% web-based solution, allowing depositions to be conducted and viewed in real time with anyone, from anywhere, on any system – including tablets and mobile devices.

Easy to Use:  No downloads; the only requirements are a high-speed Internet connection, a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player.

Cost Effective:  Advanced Live is priced according to a low, flat rate per connection, which is far below the costs of traditional video conferencing or airfare, hotel, rental cars, per diems and travel time.

Advanced Live features include:

Live Video and Audio Feeds:  Stream audio and video in real time; attendees can see and listen to what an interviewee is saying instantly.

Real-time Streaming Text:  As information is entered into the court reporter’s stenograph machine, that data is then formatted and displayed within the deposition room in real time.

Secure Instant Messaging:  Get instant feedback from team members or anyone connected with your group through private group chat.

Built-in Collaboration Tools:  Create reports, perform real-time keyword searches, search indexed lists of words, pause streaming text, zoom in/out on transcribed data and jump to specific pages/lines.

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