Orange County to Skid Row: The Midnight Runners

MidnightRunner2Thomas Miller, Account Executive for Advanced Depositions, rises at 4:00 AM every Monday morning and drives from Orange County to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to take part in a great cause.

Thomas is one of the “Midnight Runners,” a group of legal professionals founded by the Hon. Craig Mitchell of the Los Angeles Superior Court. An avid runner, Judge Mitchell leads the Midnight Runners in mentoring men and women from L.A.’s Midnight Mission in the skills they need to get off the streets and become productive members of their community.

“The first time I arrived at the Midnight Mission I was absolutely blown away,” Thomas remembers. “It was shocking–literally thousands of homeless men and women crawling out of tents and makeshift cardboard structures. The Midnight Runners run together three days per week and every other Saturday, hoping to provide some discipline, direction, accountability and camaraderie for people there. Since the program began, Judge Mitchell successfully trained about ten people to complete the LA Marathon. Right now we’re training about 20 folks for several races coming up.”

“I had no idea that in the city of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Lakers there could be such poverty, homelessness and despair,” Thomas says. “Like the Judge, I have always wanted to give back through my running and fitness. Midnight Runners was an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and just maybe keep them from making a bad choice or decision that will start that viscous cycle again.”

Midnight Runners is actively seeking donations of running-related fitness products to reward its runners in need and to support growing the program to other Skid Row service organizations. More information is available at and at Thomas Miller can be reached at